How Does Culture Affect The Decision Making Process When Purchasing Luxury Goods?

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Marketing Assignment- Essay Questions
Question 1: How does culture affect the decision making process when purchasing luxury goods? The visible act of purchasing a good or service is the result of a decision making process that is made by any consumer. This decision process refers to the stage that any buyer or consumer passes through so that they can make a choice of what product, good or service to buy (Poorsoltan 2012, p. 239). There are many factors that affect the decision making process. One of these factors is culture and it largely affects the purchase of luxury goods. The culture of most communities and societies differs from one nation to the next and from one region to another. Cross-cultural analysis indicates that the
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239). The Middle East and Gulf regions can be regarded as areas that have a unique culture and a pattern of life that is distinct from many other parts of the globe. The traditional setting of countries such as the UAE, Dubai, Qatar, and Bahrain is combined with modern aspects of culture that creates a diverse community (Pervin et al 2014, p. 64). In addition, many Arab countries are built on the foundations of a rich tradition and history that endeavors to maintain its heritage and culture. This culture dictates that the family is the most important institution in the society. Therefore, any purchasing decision that is made is done so with the family in mind. For example, if a person wishes to buy a car, their purchasing decision will be influenced by factors such as the number of family members and whether the car is large enough to accommodate them. This means most purchasing decisions in the UAE region are made through an internal influencing strategy (Pervin et al 2014, p. 64). The Islamic tradition and culture is highly conservative. As such, it limits most people to be extravagant and wasteful with resources. This is also depicted in purchasing decisions where consumers in the Middle East tend to be careful when buying luxury items. They are not allowed to be spendthrifts since their culture dictates that they should not misuse
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