How Does Daphnia Affect Small Fish

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Daphnia, or water fleas (named after the jerky, jumping way in which they move), are tiny planktonic crustaceans measuring around 1mm in length. They live in freshwater lakes and ponds, filter feeding on green algae, bacteria, yeast and phytoplankton, before being the prey of small fish such as sticklebacks and minnows. As a primary consumer, Daphnia provide an important link in the human food chain; increasingly larger fish such as salmon are dependant on their numbers. In terms of their nutritional values, adult Daphnia have a protein content of approximately 50% dry mass and a fat content of 20-27%. (Clare) (Background information on Daphnia) Without Daphnia, and other algae-consuming organisms, removing green algae from ponds, algal
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