How Does Dawnette Hedge Changed Different Aspects Of A Person 's Identity

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There is a lot of different aspects to a person’s identity. The valuable information people have gathered and constructed throughout their lives to become unique individuals. The way others see people and a lot of different aspects bring out a personal identity. In this essay, I will be addressing some of the ways that Dawnette Hedge came to be herself and have particular identities. The steps and processes she has created and others have influenced, that have helped her create her identity through, relationships, empathy, emotions, and divorce. Dawnette is a mother of five children. She took on this identity role at the age of 20yrs old. This identity has molded her into a better person by being selfless, wanting her children to look up to her as a role model. She has failed in this role of a mother numerous times and fallen short of her expectations she admits. This identity has also brought out all of her emotions from happy to the extreme opposite of irate. It is a learning experience and an ongoing changing of her identity as a mom. With the changing of ages of her children from year to year. She can remember a time when her 16yr old daughter played beauty salon with her sister and cut all of her sister’s hair off; after they had used all of their mother’s makeup and destroyed it. The mixed emotions of anger and frustration from that experience will never be forgotten. She has also experienced her oldest son this last year proudly receive his diploma at his high

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