How Does Deal With Your Younger Sibling?

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Do you know how to deal with your younger sibling? Many people often take years to figure out how to treat their sibling. This is completely true. I know how to treat my sisters to not make them angry, or even when I’m bored annoy them until I get them angry. It is very hard for some people to get along with their siblings, some even stop talking for the rest of their lives. No matter who somebody is, they will have a difficult time figuring out how to treat their siblings. “When you are in your teens—maybe throughout your life—being three years older than your brother often makes you feel he is a boy.” It is just in an older brother’s nature to try and help out their sibling as much as possible. Many arguments come from making siblings…show more content…
Paul’s gambling and drunken ways would eventually catch up with him, resulting a revolver butt being smashed in Paul’s face until he was dead. After Paul’s death, Reverend McLean had difficulty walking. Reverend McLean would die shortly after Paul’s death. Norman is then left with only memories of his lifelong best friend, which is why he wrote this book.
In the novel, Norman states, “We had to be very careful in dealing with each other. I often thought of him as a boy, but I never could treat him that way. He was never "my kid brother." He was a master of an art. He did not want any big brother advice or money or help, and, in the end, I could not help him.” One of my sisters is exactly the same way. She will not take any sports advice, or even life advice. She thinks she is always right, and doesn’t need any help. Paul thinks he will be alright all the time no matter how hard life gets, he thinks he will be on top. The novel skips over the teenage years, except for one incident. Norman are fist fighting in the kitchen because they disagreed on sardines. “I don 't want any goddamn sardines!”
“No! Stop it! Stop it!”
“You hit her, you son of a bitch!”
“You knocked her down, you bastard!” “Son of a bitch!”
“Please, I slipped! I just slipped. That 's all.”
Just after that incident the two brothers never fought again. They both learned how
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