How Does Decrypt Teslacrypt Encrypted Files

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How to Decrypt Teslacrypt Encrypted Files

One of the most insidious and annoying things in the digital world, ransomware still plagues users due to a number of factors. Although Teslacrypt is a currently defunct example of ransomware, it is still a trojan that was used to encrypt access to key files such as saved games in a number of video games that included popular titles such as the Call of Duty series, Minecraft, World of Tanks and World of Warcraft among at least 40 other known titles. At its core the trojan was used to search for 185 file extensions connected to these games, using them to encrypt a number of important files on the victim 's machine including essentials for gaming such as custom maps, save data and player profiles saved on their hard drive. Much like any other form of ransomware the victim would be contacted with a prompt to make a payment in bitcoins in exchange for a key used to decrypt said files. Teslacrypt would also focus on online service such as Steam, but not exclusively, as newer versions of the trojan were also used to work on blocking access to a number of other files, such as PDF, JPEG and Word documents as well, broadening the scope of potential attack possibilities.

The first known date Teslacrypt appeared in the digital world was somewhere around the end of February 2015, with the end result being that by the end of November 2015 the Talos Group figured out its symmetric encryption and developed a decryption tool made specifically for…
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