How Does Delay Start Out On Your Heart?

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Have you ever had an idea that God placed in your heart, this idea burned so bright that you would often find your self daydreaming about the possibilities of this dream. I can speak from experience, I have. I know what it feels like to lose sleep because I just have to write and get my thoughts down before it 's too late. Many of God 's people let their lack of experience, lack of confidence, trials of life, and other circumstances that may be beyond their control, dictate when or if they will do the dreams that have been placed within their heart.

While some may think it is impossible, that they should delay start out on their journey of Faith, I still believe that all things are possible. When God gives you a charge to do a work the last thing you should do is delay. I believe with all of my heart, that no matter what your state of mind, stature or character, God will see that everyone has a chance to obtain the dreams that have been placed inside of their hearts. It is my prayer that this book will act as a guide to those who want to start on their journey towards the dreams that God has placed in their heart.

Before going forward I have a few questions that I believe you should ask yourself. These questions used to run through my mind constantly, now I understand why. Do you believe that God still sends visions? I believe visions are sent every day. That desire that is placed on the inside of you that makes you want to do more. There are many people who go to…

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