How Does Denton Affect Our Lives?

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It 's sad that this has happened to anybody in any city or state. Pretty much all I 'm reading here is how close it happened to where people lived, or how Denton has changed, or how it 's changing right before our eyes. Could we take a moment to show some compassion to the family of these people that were killed? Ok, now that we 've done that... All I hear is how bad things are, and things are getting worse and worse every single day. It 's not about 'gun control ', or 'bad people ', and it 's certainly not about "god being taken out of schools ', or christians vs. muslims (all intentionally lower case), or religion in general. It 's about people feeling 'hopeless ' and 'helpless ' and living in fear every second of their lives. A lot of people are living 'one month from homeless ' and have been for a few years now. People are living their lives afraid and desperate. Nobody cares about that, but they sure care when a tragedy like this happens. Do you all think that suddenly one day people decided to become criminals? No, they 've become hungry and once all their valuables have been hocked or sold for a small percentage of their worth, those people become 'thieves ', not because they are criminals, but because they got desperate. Do you think the 'happy family ' suddenly turned to domestic violence on a whim? No, arguments happen and sometimes get physical, or even deadly, when there isn 't enough money to keep the lights on. When a choice has to be made
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