How Does Depression Affect Emerging Adults

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Depression has been a disorder that affects emerging adults. Most adults have encountered some forms of depression in their lives. The most heartbreaking problems were that it could not be cured, but it could be managed. It could manifest at any point in life. For most people, they started to show some signs of depression in high school. For example, when I met my friend called John Walcott on our senior year at Lincoln high school. His parents were going through divorce. He was sad in class and sometimes burst into tears. He walked out of class. I followed him and he told me that he felt guilt about his parent’s divorce and it was his fault. I told him that most children thought that they are the reason of their parents to sect apart, but…show more content…
He was excited to become part of this school. But as time went on, he stopped showing up at the hospital. He also told me that he could not find pleasure in playing soccer because he did not have the energy to do so. I told him to relax and everything would be all right. However, at the lecture, he was sleeping on his desk because he was not able to sleep the following night. As a result of that, he was having difficulty concentrating in class. On the tests, he started to have bad grades. Also, he was having problems memorizing the study guide. Even when he used flash cards as a way to study, he could not understand the materials. I tried to distract him by introducing him to a friend of mine, but he could not find pleasure in having a girlfriend. He did not try to make any friend beside me. After a couple of weeks, he started to be alone because could not trust people. I asked him if he wants to do yoga and we did it. It seems like a breakthrough because we found something which could interest him. We continued with meditation, it reduced his stress and boost his feelings of joy and well-being. He volunteers to go to an acupuncturist who help him to relax and to take a deep breath. As a result of these treatments, he showed signs of improvement. I was happy to see my friend
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