How Does Depression Affect Women

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Depression Article 1: Depression Among Women of Reproductive Age Depression can affect women of all ages. Depression can come with a wide range of symptoms, and it can lead to serious consequences. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention lists some of the symptoms of depression “A low or sad mood, loss of interest in fun activities, changes in eating, sleep, and energy, problems in thinking, concentrating, and making decisions, feelings of worthlessness, shame, or guilt, thoughts that life is not worth living” (2015). These symptoms can have a wide range of effects on a woman that is of reproductive age. Many times the depression can present itself as postpartum depression. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention defines postpartum…show more content…
The site goes on to list some of the reasons that women have depression “are genes, brain chemistry and changing hormones, postpartum depression, and stress” (n.d.). The National Institute of Mental Health recognizes that there is a genetic link between women and depression and that there is other factors such as stress from daily life and depression that can come from giving birth. There is different types of depression and it can come in different stages of life. According to the National Institute of Mental Health “More women than men get depression” (n.d.). A woman that is on medication for depression should keep in contact with her doctor, and consult with them if they are trying to get pregnant, or if they are already pregnant. The National Institute of Mental Health has a comprehensive list of phone numbers and websites to visit in order to start the journey of receiving help for depression. The National Institute of Mental Health also lists different therapies and medications that can help treat women who have depression. The medicine for depression can have side-effects, so keeping in contact with the doctor is essential. The National Institute of Mental Health also has a section on how you can help a loved one whom you believe to suffer from depression. The article also goes on to state how one can help themselves when they recognize that they suffer from depression,
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