How Does Diversity Help A Company Succeed?

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Nathalie Germain

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Business Diversity

The important factor in a company is the people; as we have yet to see the age of robots, businesses still require the use of humans for day to day workflow. But how does Diversity help a company succeed?

Based on a demographic, social, and business view we will analyze maintain a great aspect on business in UAE.

The workforce is a mix of different cultures, races, ages, and genders. As we can verify in the basic info
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In order to protect the family, some immigrants tend to change their own identify, keeping in mind future sons and daughters. This is done to erase any problematic history of where the foreign citizens originated from in order for the kids to completely take in the Emirates identity.
Benefits vs. Challenges

The UAE is still thriving even though cultural diversity is not thoroughly followed. Specific rules and regulations are in place in order to lead the workforce, and the economy. With the increase of influence from the west, the UAE is faced with challenges of law. These changes include but are not limited to, better care for labour and other skilled workers in addition the equality of men and women, citizen or foreigner. The country motives are to meet the needs of the citizen and worker in order to keep generating income and prosperity.

Opportunity and Development

With a high per capital income and very profitable enterprises, the UAE a prime trading destination in the Eastern market The UAE welcome foreign investors to enter their territory as they offer complete ownership of enterprises and no taxes

The industry varies from construction, mining and metals, power, tourism, oil and gas which make up a large portion or the economy. We will take a look on what few of the Emirates contributes to the economy.

Dubai is the largest city in the UAE with a population of more than a 17 million people, which makes 35.6% of
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