How Does Divorce Annotated Bibliography

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The Psychological Effect of Divorce on Children and Adolescents: An Annotated Bibliography
Scholarly Journals
Amato, Paul R., and Bruce Keith. "Parental Divorce and the Well-Being of Children: A Meta-Analysis." Journal of Marriage and the Family 110.1 (1991): 26-46. Web. 17 Apr. 2016.
This meta-analysis involved ninety two studies that compared children that lived in complete two parent families with children who lived in divorced, single parent families based on the measures of well-being. Children that were in divorced families scored significantly lower than children that resided in a two parent home. The median age of the effected children was fourteen which means children who were younger and older were also drastically effected by the divorce of their parents.

Cherlin, A. J., F. F. Furstenburg, Jr., L. Chase-Lansdale, K. E. Kiernan, P. K. Robins, D. R. Morrison, and J. O. Teitler. “Longitudinal Studies of Effects of Divorce on Children in Great Britain and the United States” 252.5011 (1991): 1386-389. Web. 17 Apr. 2016.
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In Great Britain the children were age seven, while in the United States the children were age’s seven to eleven. The children were followed up until ages eleven through sixteen and during that time period, they were being evaluated by not only parents, but teachers as well. The study compared children whose parents separated or divorced during that time with children whose families stayed intact. They found that children with parents who separated at some point in time had increased behavioral problems than children whose parents stayed
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