How Does Donald Duck Lose Your Personality

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Have you ever watched a cartoon or a show or even a movie and you see yourself in or through that character ? I recently found myself watching the movie Aladdin with my little cousin. I saw how Jasmine stood up for the poor kids in the village and also how she spoke her mind to her dad about who she had to marry. I saw how we connected in some way and how I am a lot like her. There are other characters who I am also like in other ways. The three fictional characters that most represent my personality are Donald Duck for his short temper, Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls for her sweetness, and Jasmine from Aladdin for her way of standing up for what's right and speaking her mind no matter who she is against. Although Donald is a duck and a guy, we do have the common aspect of losing our temper after being pushed to a certain point. In an episode on TV called Donald Duck cured duck, Donald Duck loses his temper because he can't open the window and he starts breaking plates and he even breaks through walls. Daisy Duck then tells him she won't go out on a date with him until he cures his temper. Donald Ducks temper makes his friends not want to be around him. Although his friends tend to have patience for him, in this episode Daisy Duck didn't and she refused to go out with him because of his moodiness. Since Donald is very caring and doesn't want to lose his friends he does what he can to keep his temper under control. Like Donald Duck, I do control my temper, but after being pushed too far I tend to lose it. Although I do have a lot of patience, when I do get pushed over the edge, I often get very moody. Usually when this happens my family tries to leave me alone until I can calm down on my own. For example, one day my parents and siblings had gone out to the store with my dad's side of the family. That day I wasn't feeling very good so I was allowed to stay at home, but since I am the only one that is good with children, they left all of their kids for me to take care of. I ended up having to take care of four three year olds, two five year olds, and two six month old babies. After a couple of hours I felt overwhelmed and all the kids were driving me crazy so, I called my parents screaming and yelling at them

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