How Does Donald Trump Affect The Economy

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Everybody says that Donald Trump keeps ridiculizing himself for the whole nation to see and has a tendency to speak without thinking. As a matter of fact, we all thought this was just a publicity hoax going on and we'd move on after a while. As months go by and while many still mock him in the news, there's no denying he's ascending in the polls a dominating the Republican field. I believe Trump will win, despite the absurdity of the conception. I will demonstrate my thesis with three ideas in this essay, starting off with his impact on the US economy, continuing with his demands and finishing with his image in the media.

Donald Trump's presidency is believed to be good for the economy. He has no doubt done an excellent job of making himself wealthy and is worth between $5 billion and $10 billion. That's a huge advantage for a candidate running for president in a country where the biggest portion of the population makes less money than the smallest. His financial success can be seen in his track records, proving a capability for him to build a successful empire. Noting that, we can add one of the biggest highlights of his life (and no, I'm not talking about his hair) : his near bankruptcy in 1989. With his property development projects gone wrong, he had to restructure while negotiating millions of dollars worth of debt on his own. With that being said, his supporters find he would be better prepared to create jobs and lower taxes pay. …show more content…

He focuses mostly on the immigration reform: he is incidentally requesting to deport 11 million of the undocumented while demanding the construction of a wall between Mexico and the US. He also promised a reduced-rate tax plan for the population, for people who don't feel the need to pay for Medicare and Social

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