How Does Donald Trump's Impact On Education

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The 2016 Presidential Election has finally ceased with Donald Trump as our President-elect. Some US citizens are happy and some not so much. I believe that Donald Trump has a good business background that will aid him in doing excellent things for our country. I also believe that he will choose well-rounded cabinet members that will back him and his ideas during this process as well as his terms while serving as the President of The United States of America. Donald Trump’s policies and ideas will affect my life because of his education view, crime and safety vision and his policy on improving infrastructure.
Donald Trump’s view on education will impact my high school education and college education. Donald Trump believes that every child deserves a chance at receiving an excellent education and a chance to succeed no matter what their financial stance is. Trump also believes that every child should have the opportunity to go to a school to further their education beyond a high school diploma and a chance to achieve their dreams so they grow up having the opportunity to have a job they love doing. With that being said, Trump believes in lowering the cost of college and tuition so families and students are not
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I do not want to have to worry about crime happening around me or getting worried that something could happen. And with this day and time, it is particularly not very safe, especially for females, for me to go out on my own. You have to watch your surroundings more carefully and watch what part of town you are in. I know that cannot walk down the street on my own without worrying about what might happen to me or what may be coming. So I think Trump wanting to improve crime and safety is a good point and will be beneficial for
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