How Does Effective Teamwork Look? Teamwork Is An Initiative

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How does effective teamwork look? Teamwork is an initiative that many people are familiar with, and that is used by many businesses. Without effective teamwork, there is a good possibility that a business will have many problems and might even fail. Teamwork is basically a method of working with a group of people in order to accomplish a task. Teamwork can be a solution to the group project being done well. There are many companies that put a lot of importance on the issue of their teams being trained so that they can operate successfully. (Joseph, 2017) Teamwork helps ease tension centered on individuals, departments, as well as, line and staff functions. This is one of the actions shown when looking at Deming 's 14 Points. Teams provide…show more content…
This can be difficult, especially if you have members that have strong personalities or are narrow-minded. Successful teams, for the most part, have strong leaders who can help members agree on final outcomes as well as keep discussions from getting out of hand. There should be a set of rules on the operating procedures of the company that the team can look at and apply. These rules help to keep the team on track and get rid of doubt. Teams are held responsible for their failures in addition to their favorable outcomes. A manager should reward the whole team when they accomplish goals as well as hold all members responsible when they fail. Team leaders should provide surrounding that persuades members of the team to give praise as well as criticism to other members by showing team results are what matters not individual assistance. (Joseph, 2017) How is teamwork displayed in your life as it relates to your current role? Teamwork helped with accomplishment in the deli where I was employed. The employees worked together to take orders correctly, help with food preparation, and accommodate customer needs. We were dedicated when it came to providing good customer service and good quality food that the customers requested. We provided the grocery store with freshly prepared sandwiches and salads for customers that wanted a meal already prepared. We provided friendly customer service,
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