How Does Eveline Corrupt Home

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Eveline’s duty to her dying mother’s wishes and her own nature are preventing her from making the choice to be with her sweetheart Frank; she will never find happiness if she does not follow what is best for herself and not for others. Eveline’s commitment to take care of her home and her brothers by her dying mother has led her to put a barrier between her happiness with her sweetheart Frank, and her ongoing mistreated and abusive life beside her father. Eveline’s decision to stay is preventing her from exploring a new life where everything will be better.
Eveline’s corrupt home has led her to anticipate the day she would be free and joyful for life. Her father is a miserable man who was left with nothing but his kids. His physical abuse towards his daughter has
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As Joyce indicates, “She stood up in a sudden impulse of terror. Escape! She must escape! Frank would save her. He would give her life, perhaps love, too. But she wanted to live. Why should she be unhappy? She had a right to happiness. Frank would take her in his arms, fold her in his arms. He would save her” (5). Eveline has made a damaging choice by staying, she will continue to stay unprotected from the physical and mental abuse from her father. Eveline admits Frank will save her. Frank is the outlet for her problems, he is going to give Eveline a new and much improved life by his side in a completely different environment. Frank will be her savior, he will protect and respect her, at last it was time for Eveline to be happy. Eveline admits she deserves to be content, yet her mother’s dying wishes have been the impediment of her gaining the courage and leaving to discover a new life along with her lover. Sadly she will only be left feeling lamentable for staying behind and letting her past affect what choices are best for
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