How Does Exercise Matter

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Does Exercise Intensity Matter?

Does Exercise Intensity Matter?

Group exercise is conducted by a nationally certified instructor. They offer a wide range of various, such as yoga, spin, water aerobics, and cardiovascular endurance. Although group exercise carries many benefits for those participating, it is not for everyone, I can attest to that. Is it possible that people who do not enjoy group exercising have experienced a session at a level that was too high. A person must have a positive memory of an activity to gain physical and physiological benefits. We have learned earlier how essential positive experiences are to remain motivated to partake in physical activity. If a person enjoys certain physical activity,
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Participants were recruited through exercise and health courses at the University. However, they had be have been physically activity on a regular basis. The group had to be in good health; were not on any medications; had a stable body mass; and were nonsmokers.

With a span of 48-72 hours between each trial, they were to be at the facility two hours before the training session and environmental conditions were kept the same. Participants could not have alcohol or caffeine before the session. Participants worked out in a 60 min session, where body weight training was the focus. The session involved, one 15 minute warm up and a 15 minute cool downs period. The 60 minute session, was done to high temp music. The results, vigorous intensities produced less positive affective responses. When intensity is at a moderate level most people find the activity pleasant. Go beyond the intensity level and people are not gaining any positivity from the activity. The study concluded, people retain a positive memory from physical activity, when they find it pleasant. The level of pleasure is dependant on level of intensity ( 11 ). The data reinforce the theory, positive experience equals increased motivation. The information would bring a better understand to fitness instructors, people who are interested in motivating others to be physically active and those who are new to physical
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