How Does Fashion Represent the Changing Attitudes to the Gender Divide

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Fashion has always dictated what gender stereotypes should wear and how they should present themselves to the world with their fashion, these rules and ideals are constantly changing and reversing, occasionally blurring the lines between the two. Gender roles have lessened and obscured in modern society due to subcultures and immediate availability of clothing, the gender ideals do however still exist and designers often heavily rely on these assumptions. Advertising companies often use these gender stereotypes to promote their clients' clothing as well which, in turn, only serves to strengthen traditional ideas of what men and women should wear. In this essay I aim to discuss the ever changing gender divide and how fashion reacts to…show more content…
Women did still not have the right to vote as they were considered the weaker sex and fashion evolved to accompany this view of sexuality and supremacy. Woman wore corsets and crinolines in order to change their body shape and physical appearance in order to look more attractive to men, which made it more difficult to move and dress themselves, which brings the question of why any woman would submit her body to this strain? In most counties there was a law that said the husband had control over his wife's body, which essentially became his property upon marriage. This does not support the idea that gender equality existed at all during this period, which people at the time widely believed. In more recent years the main difference between the genders is the over sexualistaion of woman and how they are expected to present themselves. Woman can easily purchase a crop top or fitted bodycon dress in any designer or high street store and that is the social norm. On the other hand, if a man wears a crop top or even a vest then he is accused of being camp or homoerotic, men are expected to wear full length trousers and t shirt, or shorts on hot days. Women are expected to show skin and show off their figures to men and other females and man are expected to be masculine figures of muscles and broad shoulders, yet women are mocked for being sexy, they are accused of being

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