How Does Flexibility Affect A Person 's Physical Health?

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It was rival night: West Delaware against Independence. My brother, Dallyn, was in the midst of his senior football season and they were ahead in the third quarter. Dallyn was running for the touchdown when he was brought down with terrible knee pain. His ACL and Meniscus were torn. Dallyn would now be out for the rest of his senior football season and would not be able to step back on the wrestling mat for his last year as a West Delaware Wrestler. The doctors and physical therapists asked him if he knew that inflexible muscles and tendons could have a direct correlation with tearing or straining them. From then on Dallyn worked to improve flexibility in his life. Flexibility can be described in multiple ways. One way the dictionary…show more content…
Research from Mayo Clinic states that side to side and equal flexibility is probably the most important for average athletes (“Stretching Essentials”). With a lot of sports, athletes push off from side to side in fast and explosive movements. If the body is not prepared for fast movements, a harmful outcome could result. Physical flexibility is not the only kind of flexibility in life. The dictionary also defines flexibility as the willingness to be altered or adapt to alterations (“Flexible”). Even with sports, a person can benefit from having this type of flexibility as well. A teammate has to be able to work with other people’s schedules to figure out what time works best to have practice. Additionally, in sports each person has a different strength and weakness than the next. In team sports, teammates have to be able to accommodate for the other teammate’s weakness if the team craves success. A team may change positions around while discovering which person fits best at each position to help the team excel. If the athlete participates in individual events, flexibility still applies. If the athlete can work on and be flexible with new techniques, then he or she will outsmart the opponent. In school, it’s necessary a person is flexible in certain situations. One situation that comes to my mind is scheduling for classes. A person has the opportunity to pick his or her classes in most high schools.
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