How Does Friedman Violates Human Freedom?

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1. Friedman argues that the policies and laws that are enacted in today’s life, such as social security, pensions, medical aid and everything else that are required by the law are unlawful and violates human freedom. Friedman uses an example of a man who wants to spend his pension, he said that he is allowed to do so if he wants to but, he asks if we have the right to persuade the person to save it for his retirement. The law that protects employees from “unfair” minimum wages this law also violates individual freedom and the freedom of choice. Friedman states that “Such legislation clearly involves interference with the freedom of individuals to enter voluntarily into a contract with one another”. If the employer offers an employee a wage…show more content…
Individual rights will be violated by expanding the state’s roles. Nozick says that the state may legitimately provide police, courts, and a military to protect the public against corruption, violence and crime but nothing more. Friedman defends the argument by saying that government activities are violations of human freedom. Taxing the rich to help the poor violates their rights of ownership of having the choice to do what they want with their own money but the state interferes and forces them to help the poor by taxing them “stealing from them”. The rich should be free to do and decide what they want to do with their money. Nozick states that you own the fruits of your labour because you own yourself and for that you own your labour not the state. If a person made money with his resources he owns he is entitled to do with it what he wants and the government can’t take it away from him. Nozick also believes that you don’t need to be forced to help one another. Nozick says that “individuals have strong and far-reaching rights” it also questions the government about what are they going to do? With assisted suicide the state should not interfere if someone volunteers to help end others life. “One owns his/her life; she/he should be free to end it”. People pay market values of services and products. Friedman objects the minimal wage argument and that supply and the demand need to determine prices of products and services in unfettered markets and that individual are free to choose whatever service offering. For those who support the organ market if a person has 2 healthy kidneys, they don’t need to give it away just because someone else is in need of it. Supply and demand will determine the price in the organ market and the person can choose to sell it or
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