How Does Friel Present Maggie

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Friel presents family life in such a way that it eventually fails for the Mundy household. At the start of the play we are optimistic about the future for the Mundy family but on getting close towards the end of the play it becomes an unrealistic dream.

In the extract we can see how Michael is presented as somewhat of a burden to the Mundy household as Gerry is presented by Friel as a negative influence on the household as Kate says “Does he ever wonder how she clothes and feeds Michael?” This shows that the family is struggling financially to support Michael. We can see from the structure of the play that Gerry never provides for Michael as he is promised a new bike but it never arrives. This is an example of how family life fails for the household as it is usually the father who supports his family but in the case of
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This is indicated after the argument about going to the dance. The stage directions show there was (silence) and Maggie conveniently changes the topic of the conversation. The structure of the play also indicates how Maggie tries to do her best for the family as she constantly jokes with Michael and includes him when she (squats down beside him) and says “I’ve got a new riddle for you!” She also does all the household tasks and makes the dinner. All of these factors exhibit how Maggie tries to keep family life together.

The structure of the play is useful to show how family life has changed for the family by the use of Michael’s monologues. In his monologue at the end of Act 2 we can see by the language used why Agnes and Rose moved away as he thinks that “perhaps the two of them just wanted… away”. The ellipsis used changes the tone from a matter-of-fact to sad and regretful. We are told that both Agnes and Rose have died and this could be used to suggest that they might have been better off staying with the family in
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