How Does Fundamentalism Affect Our Modern Day Society?

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Fundamentalism was first talked about during the debate by the Fundamentalist-Modernist in the 1920’s. Fundamentalism is defined as a type of religion that upholds very strict beliefs from the scripture they worship. There are several people and groups such as John Nelson Darby, William Bell Riley, and one group that, been in the news a lot lately, Westboro Baptist Church. The members of Westboro Baptist Church are known in modern day as a group of people known for hate speeches against homosexual, Jews, and politicians. The definition of fundamentalism could lead one to believe that the members of the Westboro Baptist Church are in fact fundamentalists; however, they are just the opposite of that. When thinking about fundamentalism and how it is strict on Gods words, the word “hate” doesn’t seem to make an appearance. With an open mind, we realize that as we approach the subject that the Westboro Baptist Church acts against homosexual, Jew, and politicians are all examples of how fundamentalism can be harmful in modern day society.
A good example of a fundamentalist would be John Nelson Darby who was known for the Plymouth Brethren, was the founder of Exclusive Brethren, and father of modern dispensationalism. “What separated Darby’s dispensationalism was his novel method of biblical interpretation, which consisted of a strict literalism…”2 His idea that a rapture could happen at any moment was talked of but wasn’t harmful to society. George Marsden, another well known…

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