How Does GPS Affect Communication?

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Do you ever wonder how we found our way around without a Global Positioning System (GPS)? How have GPS devices advanced in features to make it more accessible for citizen’s use? In what ways did the GPS impact the communication with other people? In the 1960s, GPS devices were strictly used for military purposes. It was used to find out where the military enemies were and to figure out how far away they were from them for strategic purposes. It also allowed for nighttime navigation, and searches of injured soldiers. By the 1980s, the government made it for civilian use to navigate while driving or walking, making travels to places accurate and more efficient. While this was a major turn of technology in communication and has been used daily,…WORK …show more content…

According to the U.S. Department of Defense, they “made up a network of 24 satellites placed into orbit” (Garmin 1). Due to the satellites in orbit, the GPS knows the whole earth and is able to find your exact position by signals being passed through earth. GPS devices go through a process of trilateration to be able to find the exact placement of the citizen. A GPS only needs various satellites to be able to show a map and the position of the user. There are three components needed for a GPS to work properly: the Space component, the Control component, and the User component. The Space component contain the 24 satellites in orbit that transport signals from space to the GPS device. The Control component is monitored by the U.S. Air Force to make sure all of the satellites are doing their job properly. According to a government website about GPS devices, The U.S. Air Force “develops, maintains, and operates the space and control segments” (“Global Positioning System”). The User component is the actual device owned by the public to hold or to place in a car. The system is very accessible to all, and is able to work in any weather conditions while having no fee subscriptions to run the device. Throughout the years, the Global Positioning System developed many new features so they can make it more advance for people, while making it convenient to use anywhere. Features of the …show more content…

The main piece of technology used for communication today are smartphones. On smartphones, they have many appealing features to the eye, including talking on the phone, texting others, and downloading helpful applications. They also have an app of maps on them, that do much of what a GPS device would be able to do. In a journal article, called Our Cell Phone, Ourselves, the author, Christine Rosen, states features of cell phones saying, “One new phone hitting the market boasts video capture and playback, a 1.2 megapixel camera, a 256 color screen, speakerphone, removable memory, mp3 player, Internet access, and a global positioning system” (Rosen 30). This quote summarizes that a cell phones goal is to not only be a GPS, but has other features on it for the user. The primary goal of a GPS device is just to navigate; it does not have a camera, video capture, music, or internet access. Smartphone maps and GPS devices are very similar, but also have differences. Both systems have maps, voice and written route directions, and the walking option. Many features like arrival time, miles till destination, different possibility of routes the user can take showing time differences, points of interests, and spoken directions are on both the Global Positioning System device and on the smartphone device. GPS devices work strictly by satellite signals in the sky to determine the exact place of the user. GPS apps on smartphones work by

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