How Does GPS Use Trilateration To Pinpoint An Unknown Position?

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This simplified 2D example will demonstrate how GPS uses trilateration to pinpoint an unknown location. Once a receiver has "locked in" onto a satellite, the unknown position may be anywhere within the radius of 1000 km of satellite one. The receiver picks up a signal from a second satellite and calculates the range as 1200 km. The position has been narrowed down to two positions; where the ranges intersect. If the receiver picks up another satellite, the unknown position can be found by calculating where all three distances are possible.
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a constellation of twenty four satellites that can pinpoint any position on earth using a GPS receiver. Used to calculate exact position, speed and time, there are tremendous
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Many accidents are caused by distracted drivers who are attempting to punch in the address while driving. Making sure that you have added the address correctly and knowing the general route before driving is the first step to proper use of your GPS device. Take advantage of GPS systems that use voice. Using this feature helps one to keep their eyes on the road, avoiding unnecessary distraction by looking at the GPS device. Another safety tip is to put your passenger in charge of the directions. A passenger can be used as an alternative to voice directions, so one can keep their eyes on the road. Understand there may be changes not reflected on the GPS information. It is important to pay attention to the roadway and not depending on the device because maps may not be updated.It is important to understand how to operate your GPS device and to take advantage of safety features such as voice control. YouTube has many videos that may walk one through the steps to understand how to use your specific GPS.The principal rule of safety when using the GPS device is to always keep your eyes and the road and not your device. Using the GPS device can be a great tool to get you to your destination safely, especially when used
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