How Does Genji Define Love in The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu

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In the epic novel written by Murasaki Shikibu during the Heian period of the Japan, the leading character Hikaru Genji was described a nearly flawless person. The wisdom, the perfect looking, the personal background as a prince----every piece of his characteristic was the presentation of attractive, or "shining", as what Murasaki Shikibu illustrated by his name. With the qualities that make Genji "shines", as what was expected, Genji had a huge amount of romantic affairs involved true love that neither men practicing monogamy nor polygamy would ever expect to approach. However a query exists: what is "love" in Genji's dictionary?

In order to understand Genji's love, it is critical for us to look back upon his very beginning of love and life, as it originates with Lady Fujitsubo during his childhood and puberty phases. Lady Fujitsubo accompanies Genji within the process of his psychological and physical development as the role of mother and sister; with her perfect talent and appearance plus the natural Oedipus complex, Genji developed a deep adoration toward her. As the very first women Genji had ever loved, Lady Fujitsubo was the one of "eternity". The relationship between them had never approached to a completion, which left Genji with regret and void throughout the rest of his life; ever since that, his life-long goal of love was to love someone that "is" Lady Fujitsubo. Every woman he loved afterward had one or more parts of Lady Fujitsubo involved; the most obvious

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