How Does Globalization Affect China

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Globalization is when the world becomes more connected. Basically any process that involves economic choices, it has some type of consequence. China has one of the most fast growing economies. It has also been experiences that has resulted in globalization. Air pollution has been the biggest of them yet. Globalization has led to a high level of pollution in China's cities due to high manufacturing and a large population growth.

Air pollution is basically when has become a problem in China. It has caused problems to ones health. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, such fine particles can cause asthma, bronchitis, and acute and chronic respiratory symptoms such as shortness of breath and painful breathing, and may also lead to premature death. China does not go a day without one dying fro air pollution. Last year 7 million people die annually because of exposure to polluted air (The World health Organization). China's air pollution has triggered ones asthma. It has also cause ones to develop lung cancer, which could be very deadly.
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Most of our clothing, accessories, etc. are made in china. With that being said China has a lot of factories. Most of these factories have long tubes called chimneys, which are usually coming out of the factories into the air. Coming out of those chimneys are lots of smoke and fumes. They release high levels of carbon monoxide and chemicals into the air, another way of causes air pollution. According to "The Huffington Post" China has struggled for years to control its air pollution problems, which are primarily caused by the burning of coal in factories and power plants as well as vehicle use. Also cars are another dangerous air pollutant. The fumes from the cars contain gases like carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen. They can be really harmful to those who breath them
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