How Does Golding Present Fear In Lord Of The Flies

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Fear is having yourself locked in chains, unable to do the things you want; a boy experiences this and over time is forced to realize this so that he may grow. He struggles at first, not used to doing things on his own. He fights against his inner demons, trying find a way out of the fear that holds him back. Fear is where the human body and mind immediately change behavior from calm to running away from harm's way. Fear corrodes the human mind, slowly and slowly etching away at one’s self. There are such things to escape such fear, one being hope. Hope opens up brand new possibilities, that fear shuts out for the human mind, being a positive approach to the human mind making it feel secure, joyful, as well as having the courage to do actions that fear was holding the person back from.
In the novel Lord of The Flies, the author William Golding explains to the reader how fear, can change the human mind, as well as make someone do certain actions that may be harmful to others. Golding shows the main protagonists …show more content…

He does this by giving him the characteristics of a strong, brave, and wise leader. Being the leader of all the children, Ralph carries with him a wide amount of responsibilities, that must be shared to others equally. Ralph making sure everyone had a duty to fulfill, starting off with a fire, to have a sign of rescues off the island. In this quote it shows Ralph telling those what they are in need of, " so we must make smoke on top of the mountain... We must make a fire. " (Golding 38). In this citation it shows Ralph commanding others to assist with the necessities to survive. For Ralph, sharing the responsibilities with others in order to survive shows a equal leader. In chapter 1, the boys "go on expedition and find out" (Golding 24) with Jack and Simon. Picking who he believes is the strongest and wisest out of all the boys there, to help and explore the island of its necessities in order to

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