How Does Graham Hess Overcome Internal Conflict In Sign

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Signs Analysis
In Signs by M. Night Shyamalan, Graham Hess overcomes many predicaments that occur in his life. Being a former priest he is known to have a strong relationship with God but changes over the course of the movie. An analysis of Graham reveals that because of the main external conflict Graham grows and overcomes his own individual internal conflict. Graham has many struggles that he overcomes over the course of the movie, the main one being his internal conflict of losing his faith in God. Furthermore, this happens due to the events of his wife’s death in a terrible car accident. Within this happening Graham gets to visit his dying wife, from whom he gets very valuable advice that he did not know would be initially but later finds out.
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For instance, while at the drugstore a pharmacist first calls him “Father” then asks if she can share a confession with him. This occurrence most likely made him flashback to his times of being a priest. He also experiences this emotion when his wife is dying. He loses his faith within the event and then quits his profession of being a priest.
From the beginning, there was a very strong connection of aliens in the movie. It later worsens and becomes the external conflict. When the attacking occurred, Graham’s son Morgan was sprayed by one of the aliens gasses. This caused his lungs to weaken, so much that he almost dies. This made Graham rethink his decision and later shows his belief in God stays and shows that he is thankful for it.
Overall throughout the course of the movie Graham overcomes his own internal conflict because of the main external conflict. Signs shows many inspirational characteristics of Graham. This movie could be used as information to always remember and remind one during hard
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