How Does Hamlet Present Gertrude's Relationship

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Hamlet’s terrible relationship with women is clearly seen all throughout the play. But the relationship between Hamlet and his mother Gertrude is one of mostly anger and resentment. Hamlet is angry at his mom for remarrying so quickly and not taking the proper time to heal over his father’s death which causes a huge amount of resentment. After his father’s death he stated, “Frailty, thy name is woman!” in regards to his mother’s emotional state. When Gertrude was married to King Hamlet, it seemed as though they really loved each other and Hamlet looked up to that but after the king's death and how quick she changed, Hamlet can’t help but feel that she betrayed not only him and his father but also their marriage and how sacred it was supposed to be. When she married Claudius, she ruined the relationship between her and her son and seems to continually choose Claudius over her own son. When Hamlet confronts his mother about the murder of his father, he scolds her for the marriage to his uncle saying she is only in it because of the sex.
“O shame! where is thy blush? Rebellious hell,
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When Laertes and Claudius plot together to kill Hamlet, Claudius poisons the wine using a pearl as a backup plan in case the sword doesn’t work. Either Gertrude knew this or she was just really thirsty as when she went to take a drink, Claudius had told her not to only for her to say, “I will, my lord; I pray you, pardon me". In the end, she warned Hamlet of the poisoned wine when she took her own life and this gave him the courage to finally kill Claudius. Unfortunately, they all die in the
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