How Does Helicopter Parenting Affect Children

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Prompt 1: The problem with helicopter parenting
Some parents believe that protecting their children and over focusing on their children at all time can be advantageous for their children. However, that’s not always the case. Parents over focusing on theirs children can have a lot of negative effects on the kids. Some parents are doing everything they can for their children and that’s a good thing, yet, doing everything for the kids when their kids are adult can lead to some problems too. There are two reasons I believe that helicopter parenting is harmful for the children, such as the children don’t know how to become independent, and the children unable to learn social skills.
When parents are over protective and do everything for their kids,
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Most of the kids that have helicopter parents do not know how to share food, or stand up for themselves because their parents are protect them all the time. Kids need to have good manner to interact among their peers or maintain friendship. And usually kid with self -discipline in terms of social skills, they know how to behave politely. However, unlike regular kid, over controlling parents kids don’t know how to maintain friendship because they lack social cues. The over protecting kid don’t know how to keep up the conversation with others, and they usually act like a kid. They have hard time get along with other people because they are narcissistic compared to the children who grew up independent. According to the Don Aucoin article, the author state that, “High level of oversight and supervision, keep tabs on their kids but not interfering in every activity or decision”, If the parents are keeping tabs on their kids, the kids can do nothing on their own and also the kids do not learn social skills like other people. In order for the kids to practice their social skills, the parents need to have let their kids interact with people more no matter how worry they
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