How Does Herbert Use A Coca-Cola Slogan

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Herbert explains why the slogan the publishing company uses to advertise the book bothers him, which was that Seaver had used the same Coca-Cola slogan ¨It's the Real Thing.¨ To illustrate this idea, the author describes ¨since our company has made use of ¨Its the Real Thing¨…. ¨(para 1). That is to say, Herbert believes he and his company owns the slogan since they were the first ones to use it to advertise. The evidence highlights that no other advertiser should be using that slogan because Coca-Cola owns it and are known for that slogan. Herbert is commanding the publisher of the book needs to stop ¨we are writing to ask you to stop using this theme or slogan in connection with the book¨ (para 2). The significance of this paragraph is that Herbert is claiming that he owns the slogan. Therefore, he wants the book to have nothing to do with the slogan.…show more content…
As an illustration, in the letter in paragraph 2, the author writes, ¨…..I can fully understand that the public might be confused by our use of expression, and mistake a book by a Harken schoolteacher for a six-pack of Coca-Cola¨ (para 2). Basically, Seaver says that it is absurd to ever conclude that an intellectual book will be confused with cans of sodas. The author includes this fact to emphasize that they are not going to change their slogan due to the fact that they believe people are going to get it confuse since they use the ¨It's The Real Thing¨ phrase before them. Additionally, on the first paragraph Seaver appreciate their concern and is aware of their sympathy, but they are not going to change anything because they misinterpret the main idea. In other words, the book publisher is not going to do anything about it, but credits their concern about the slogan that they claim, belongs to
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