How Does Huck Influence The Development Of Huckleberry Finn

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn During the long journey down the Mississippi River, Huck Finn is a 14 year old boy who struggles with hard issues such as empathy, guilt, fear, and morality in Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Huck and Jim establish a strong bond, along with mutual respect earned from shared experiences. Huck is easily influenced, whom becomes under the guide of the racist and immoral Tom Sawyer. All of his other persona surface when not only on his own, but with the friendship made with Jim. During moral conflicts, Huck develops by making difficult choices. Due to the rigidity racist, provincial of the society, he lives in. Huck has an apparent racist mindset, but he still can’t bring himself to tell on Jim.…show more content…
With the big opportunities of selling out Jim, Huck fights against himself. Showing that his innate sense of right exceeds that of society. When you first note Huck revelation, it's after he visits town. “...They're after us!” (Chpt. 14). This is an example of a link formed and his inner fight against society. Huck now unknowingly has accepted Jim, by including them as a team. Growing into the person Huck is slowly becoming, noticing his mortality. Traveling alongside Jim even then the bond has flourished. Huck thinks long and hard about how to save Jim. He realizes that it’s “his right thing to do” (chpt. 31). This opens a door to to now understanding people on a level of skin “I knowed he was white inside…” (Chpt. 40). After traveling long with Jim, Huck makes the final step by seeing that he’s white like the normal white men. Eventually seeing through the blinders of society, Huck now knows he has done right with Jim. Advancing on Huck’s own morality, he made decisions that were made based on instinct and not what society tells him. Therefore with an already small opening of the mind could really impacted not only one person but
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