How Does Human Activity Affect Our Environment?

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Many individuals do not think twice when doing something harmful to the Earth. Such people are unaware of how much these little actions can build up to damage our planet. If we,as humans, do not change our habits, the damage done to the Earth will not be fixable. These harmful actions,while completely preventable, are destroying the Earth’s wildlife and atmosphere. Over the past 50 years, there has been an ample amount of evidence that shows how human activity has affected our atmosphere. The level of carbon dioxide concentration has increased tremendously due to the burning of coal, oil, gas and the clearing of forests. These actions are completely preventable and, until human beings realize this, we cannot begin to help our planet recover. The increased levels of carbon dioxide cause the Earth’s temperature to rise which is heating our planet’s oceans as well as melting the ice on our planet. Emissions from the burning of fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution has caused an increased concentration of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases remain in the air for hundreds of years before being removed by natural processes, which could drag out into the next century. There has been a number of organizations that have conducted experiments to prove that global warming exists. Of those companies, NASA carried out a number of field experiments where they went around the Earth looking at how humans have changed it. They have concluded that human activity is a direct cause of
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