How Does Hypothalamus Occur During Mitosis?

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A. A cell will pass on its DNA sequence onto other cells through mitosis. Mitosis is cell division where the nucleus containing chromosomes are divided (evenly) between two cells. When the phases during mitosis are complete, two daughter cells are produced containing identical genetic makeup from the founding cell. The most significant phase would be interphase, where it is made of three sub-stages. First is G1 phase, where the cell gains mass to prepare for cell division. Second is S phase, where semi conservative DNA replication occurs. One strand of DNA is used as a template, (after being unwound and unzipped by helicase) whilst the DNA polymerase reads the strand in order to connect the corresponding bases. Ligase then ‘zips’ the original strand and new strand together. During G2 phase, replication is nearly complete and the mass continues to grow in size to prepare for division. Interphase is key as it allows for the two (strands) identical copies of the
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The hypothalamus is the bridge between the nervous system and the endocrine system. In terms of the nervous system, the hypothalamus is involved as it receives information from different parts of the nervous system. The hypothalamus is responsible for maintaining homeostasis, including the controlling regulation for body temperature, thirst, and blood pressure. For example the hypothalamus acts as a thermometer for the body (temperature of blood passing hypothalamus acts as thermometer), and in response it stimulates sweating or vasodilation to cool down. Whereas an endocrine organ, the hypothalamus is involved with the pituitary gland. Hormones such as Gonadotropin-releasing hormone, anti-diuretic hormone or corticotrophin hormone are all secreted by the hypothalamus. The release of hormones means it may lead to inhibiting or releasing hormone from the pituitary gland. The hypothalamus is able to work things between the anterior and posterior pituitary due to
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