How Does ISIS Impact The World

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The terrorist group ISIS which stands for (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is the newest threat to worldwide terrorism and a threat to all of the Christians around the world. ISIS has nearly unlimited resources when it comes to finances, weapons, and recruiting. ISIS newest tools in recruiting is the worldwide internet, which they can use to recruit small children all the way up to grown adults men and women included to use in suicide bombers to carry out terrorism in all countries. ISIS uses the internet with such brutal videos that shows the world what horrible things they do to Christians to promote the Muslins way of life, but they say Muslin is a peaceful religion. These videos are often major recruiting tools because of the brutal force…show more content…
As Ali Khedery states in the article, The Guardian, “They came about by Facing Assad's army and intelligence groups, Lebanon's Hezbollah, Iraq's Shia Islamist militias , Iran's Revolutionary Guards, Syria's initially peaceful protesters quickly became dismayed and disillusioned, which eventually turned them into an army full of hatred (The Guardian)”. The Shia Islamist began to use complete brute force to gain the surrounding countries attention in the form of chemical weapons, large artillery bombs, heavy machine guns, and complete control of the public by intimidation. When Syria's Sunni Arab revolutionaries pleaded to the world leaders for help, they were turned away. At this time the world leaders didn’t feel that ISIS was strong so the people did not feel them to be a major threat. So when the world refused to help them, they made a pact with al-Qaida. With the pact made, it became the “perfect storm” for evil! They began to use numbers and brute force to perform public beheadings, dismember children, and openly threaten all Christians with death. Now the majority of families and individuals affected by this genocide started to migrate to Syria to seek refuge. During this time of trouble, Nouri al-Maliki from Iraq was involved with corrupt politics and losing a lot of his powerful supporters trust for breaking a lot of promises made that he didn’t keep caused a major
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