How Does Industrial Democracy Work?

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How Does Industrial Democracy Work In Europe And What Are Its Successes? Many countries have developed different methods of business management. Europe, for example, operates using industrial democracy. This type pf management requires consultation with the people and the union before making decisions and that is why it has been successful. Not only does it allow self-management for employees, but it also involves a more hands on approach with the union and has multiple levels of management. Although industrial democracy is not a custom that all countries can adapt to, in Europe, it works.
“Industrial democracy is a substantive commitment to sharing managerial prerogative with workers, or their representative organizations, through such mechanisms as board representation.” (Wallace, 33) According to Hegar, “industrial democracy, by law is a way of life in Germany”. (Hegar, 236) Self-management is ideal for any employee in the workforce. That is the idea of what industrial democracy allows employees to do, self-manage themselves. Industrial democracy allows employees to make their own schedules and work on their own time. Employees in an industrial democratic environment can have shorter working hours one month as long as they pick up additional hours in the following months. It also allows employees to do their job in ways that they feel it can be done efficiently. Industrial democracy also allows employees to rotate between jobs so that their current position and job…

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