How Does Industrial Democracy Work?

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How Does Industrial Democracy Work In Europe And What Are Its Successes? Many countries have developed different methods of business management. Europe, for example, operates using industrial democracy. This type pf management requires consultation with the people and the union before making decisions and that is why it has been successful. Not only does it allow self-management for employees, but it also involves a more hands on approach with the union and has multiple levels of management. Although industrial democracy is not a custom that all countries can adapt to, in Europe, it works. “Industrial democracy is a substantive commitment to sharing managerial prerogative with workers, or their representative organizations, through such…show more content…
Not only that, but in Europe industrial democracy also allows the employees to have managerial say, even if it is not their position. Some countries do not agree with all that industrial democracy allows because they fear that enterprises will become less efficient and they will see a reduction in productivity. In Europe it results in an improvement in attitude among the employees and there is a tremendous increase in motivation. The reason this is so effective in Europe is because the Europeans have better communication and participation among the managerial and employee staff. The union, managerial staff, and employees simultaneously work together to effectively reach a decision that is beneficial to all parties involved. Ted Mills suggests that the reason why this is effective in Europe but not in America is that, “the American legacy of individualism and distrust for government control will prevent what has happened in Europe from arriving in America”. (Mills, 143) Because the European employees know management has to hear them out they have a trust that matters will be handled in a way that is okay by them. In America, the government does not take advice from the citizens which is why there is a lack of trust for control. This is an example of why industrial democracy is not easily adopted by other countries and it demonstrates why it is successful in Europe. “The term “industrial democracy”, also referred to as worker
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