How Does Involvement Can Make Products Differentiate From Them?

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Part 1 - Involvement
Involvement has for the last decades been an important topic within marketing, and especially when discussing consumer behaviour. This essay aims to explain different types of involvement, using real life examples to illustrate the concepts. Competitors will always be competitors, so this essay will also highlight how involvement can make products differentiate from them. Lastly, a few other theories relevant to involvement are lightly discussed.

Relating involvement with motivation
Involvement and motivations go hand in hand when it comes to purchasing decisions. It may by low involvement, and it may be high. The same goes for the level of motivation. Elements that acts as a bridge between the two are emotion and knowledge. When emotions arise, emotional states are activated. To reduce or prevent unpleasant emotions, marketers use emotion reduction. One theory that talks about motives (the reason behind motivation to purchase) is the McGuire’s physical motives model. It talks about consumers need for consistency, the need to determine who/what causes things, the need to categorize information and the need for observable cues or symbols (Quester et al 2014).
The message in the advertising has a lot to say on whether the consumer is motivated or not to purchase. The individual’s interest in the ad topic decides the level of involvement and motivation of buying it because more attention is given. Sports fans are more likely to read or pay attention to ads
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