How Does It Feel? Essay

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“How does it feel?” “How does what feel, son?” “Love. Like how do you know if it 's real.” “Don 't you think this is something for your parents. Your mother..” “He said you knew.” “I think you 're a little young to be..” “I just wanna know, Grandpa. Please?” “If you promise not to interpret again.” “Sorry, and I promise.” “The best way to explain it to you, if I even can, might take a while. Is that okay?” “Yes.” “I once knew a man with six beautiful daughters. He and his wife continued to have a daughter every two years until their were six of them. The oldest was 12 years old when the sixth was born and when she looked down at her new sister she said, 'Daddy, this one looks like Suzy did, except for her hair. Her hair matches Tammie 's. ' The father smiled at his daughter and said, 'No, child, she looks like your mother. You all do, and you 're all beautiful in your own way too. You 're noticing your sisters ' beauty in your new sister, who is different too. ' His oldest daughter made an odd face before admitting her confusion. 'It 's okay, dear. I 'm saying I agree with you, just explaining it in a different way. ' She smiled and then hugged him as well as the new baby. 'She 's unique, like Mommy, and me, and the rest, ' she said through her hug. 'Yes, sweet child. You are all unique and special. '” “Grandpa, what does this have to do..” “You made a promise.” “I 'm sorry, please go ahead.” “Whenever the girls had a birthday, their father would ask them one
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