How Does It Lose Its Message Or Significance?

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If minority theatre is conveyed to the audience in unconventional styles, then does it lose its message or significance in translation? As soon as we start to tell stories differently the topic becomes engaging. When we look for diversity in theatre it is most commonly found in plays that look into the lives and cultures of minority groups. Unfamiliar and dramatic ideas are used to grab the spectators attention using innovative theatrical techniques to convey ideas that may be challenging or confronting for the audience. But yet will remain a memorable & culturally significant piece of theatre. Many unconventional techniques are used to bring across a compelling message from seemly voiceless minority theatre groups across Australia. In many of the plays studied in this unit, culturally significant techniques are used, that enhance the theatrical chemistry and immersing the audience into their stories of connections and disconnections of identity with multiculturalism, social class, gender and sexual identity. All are significant issues loaded with a powerful message. These approaches to theatre have an influential and diversely memorable imprint that the audience can relate or react to, without losing their intention or authenticity. This is theatre that gets the audience thinking, as Beaton states (ref) ‘Theatre is a place for higher realism. Every play that connects to an audience does so at a dream level.’ Bilingual plays are one such example. In Chinese Takeaway (ref)

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