How Does It Works And How It Is Used

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Elastography: How it works and how it is used. Abstract A very useful and common practice often used in routine physical exams is palpation. This technique, among its several uses, allows to estimate changes in the mechanical properties of tissue when the presence of a diseases is suspected. A typical use of this technique is in the breast cancer examination: the cancer is often revealed as a stiffening of glandular tissue, which would be normally soft. Even though palpation remains an important tool for clinicians, its limited use only to accessible tissue, its limited disease detectability and spatial discrimination, and the subjectiveness of its interpretation, motivates the need to improve the mechanical properties detection of…show more content…
Artificial tissues and organs have been developed both to replicate the function of the original organ and to reproduce its mechanical properties under physiologic conditions, in order to improve the chance for the patient to return to normal activities. Several mechanical tests have to be applied for measuring static and dynamic properties of materials and most of them involve applying a force to the material and measuring its displacement. Through these tests, measuring the stress applied and the resulting strain, it is possible to calculate material properties such as the Young modulus, the physical parameter corresponding to the material stiffness. The results of these experiments will depend on many mechanical properties of the material and it is often very common, in order to simplify the mathematical relationships between stresses and strains and improve the interpretation of the responses, to make several assumptions about the material characteristics: The material is assumed to be infinite: this means that boundary conditions and effects can be ignored; The material is assumed to be homogeneous: within the area where the test is performed we can consider only a smaller set of parameters ignoring changes of mechanical properties in space; The material is linearly viscoelastic: the relationship between the applied
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