How Does Jetblue Compare And Contrast Virgin Southwest And Virgin America

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2. Competitive Environment

JetBlue has been recognized for offering cheap flights to business travelers, in the same way that other airlines come up with similar offers for different types of travelers. In 2009, (case study) JetBlue was on top of the list of the low-cost carriers. The airline is classified as a major carrier, which means their annual revenue starts at $1 billion, JetBlue has a $3 billion revenue, still and all it is mentioned that JetBlue is smaller in comparison to other major airlines.
Over the years, one of the main competitors of jetBlue has been Southwest. In a 2009 report it was mentioned that two other low-cost airlines, Virgin America and SkyBus, were some of the biggest competitors for jetBlue (case study); however, a 2013 analysis might have suggested in some way that JetBlue was about to have new airlines to compete with, Singapore Airlines and Emirates Airlines, by introducing new features and “technological innovation in their offerings” (Popova, 2013). Airlines are implementing these improvements in order to attract more customers that look for comfort, but at the same time affordability. It can increase the competitivity, but it is not noticeable immediately.
Even though, JetBlue is not directly competing with other international airlines, a comparison and contrast with competitors such as Southwest and Virgin America can be seen in small, but important details such as the baggage allowance. JetBlue has fare options in order to find out the amount of baggages admitted, the first fare is called Blue Flex, and it allows to bring a maximum of two checked bags under 50 pounds at no cost, a third bag would cost $100; the second one, the Blue Plus fare allows only one bag under 50 pounds, a second bag has a cost of $35, and a third bag would cost $100; the third and last fare is called Blue and the first checked bag under 50 pounds has a cost of $25, the second bag $35 and a third or fourth bag would cost $100 (JetBlue, 2017).
On the other hand, Southwest doesn’t have specific fares to decide bag allowance, they simply allow 2 checked bags per customer at no cost (Southwest, 2017). Also, Virgin America which is another competitor of JetBlue has a fee of $25 per checked bag

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