How Does Khoshekh's Characters Affect The Creation Of Earth?

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Many years ago, back before the earth and its solar system was even a glimmer in one’s eye, there lived a god. His name was khoshekh, and he lived in the darkness of time and space. Deciding he felt lonely, he created the universe. There were many different planets, all filled with many different types of creatures and beings. His favorite, and most fragile, was earth. The people on this planet were weak, and had no clue how to defend themselves; they trusted too easily. Khoshekh decided they need protectors, an army that would keep his humans and animals safe from harm of his other creations. Thus he birthed the goddess Luna, and gave her the power to create an army. “Protect what I have made with your lives.” He commanded, drifting off into the darkness. She formed a land, filled with…show more content…
Since then the earth has been safe, under the arms of Luna and her people. Time has since then passed, and the need for the army of hope was dwindling. Luna was aging and weakening, and her children were fearful of being alone, being leaderless. Luna was on her own deathbed, her children surrounding her as she took her final breaths. She gave her power and leadership over to her first child, Avia, a weaker warrior who had little ambition to fight on the battle field. “But mother, I’m weak; I can’t even fight one of the sisters.” Her mother, with her thin arm lifted her child face. “Do not cry, do not call yourself weak; you are stronger in mind and body than you think. Lead your sisters, earn their trust and love.” Her body faded into the ground, a tree forming in her absence. Avia cried for six days and six nights, her tears forming a lake around her mother’s grave. The years after faded into a blur, Avia training with her sisters and trying to earn their respect; over centuries she grew, her mind and her body stronger, but she thought herself weak. She could not believe in herself, and this would cost her
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