How Does Language Affect Health Behavior? Essay

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a. Choose one of the SDH and discuss ways in which this determinant impacts health behavior. Provide a specific example. (5) i. The U.S. has a high immigrant population that does not speak English, so language is a large barrier to health care. The article written by Koh, Gracia, and Alvares (2014) explained that currently 20 percent of the U.S. population speaks another language at home (p. 198). Language is the way we communicate with each other and if we do not speak the same language then we cannot communicate. In the next few sentences, I will talk about how language has influence my family’s behavior to health. Growing up with parents who does not have time to learn the English language, I grew up with very little access to healthcare. My parents do not seek care until it is an emergency because it is easier for them to wait out the illness than having to communicate with the doctors. Easier in a sense that they have no way of talking to the doctor or understand what the doctor is saying so my mom just treats me until I cannot get any better. My parents read about Medicaid and Medicare in Vietnamese news, however the information they get does not tell them the process of applying for Medicaid or how to fill out the forms. So I grew up without health insurance for most of my life and living in constant fear of inuring myself and not being able to seek care. Language was a social determinant that causes my family not to seek care or try to apply for the social welfare
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