How Does Language Affect Human Beings?

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“Language” the word plays very deep and extraordinary meaning since the birth of human being. Since human get notion and action he did not know they can speak and this feature is given by god that we believe in philosophy or in religious manner but, if we believe it as scientific manner also. Language played very great role since the born of homosapians on planet Earth. This feature or power only have human beings only on planet earth whether you look animals or mammals or other human revolutionary species they are not able to speak no doubt! They have voice but they don’t talk like us like we talk. They have their own specific language but we don’t understand it and they don’t understand our language. They barking but we can’t hear a chaste voice like we human speak during the conversation. That’s why it is known as god gifted power, human physical ability or scientific process of air. Human beings are that’s why different from the animals and due to this feature human and animals belongs to different categories.

Since, the time of human’s intelligence, power and revolution of body they get their rules on each and every species of the earth whether it is dinosaurs, mammoth, or elephants. Human’s these three abilities are concerned they still live long centuries to centuries.

If we talked about globally, glocally, or locally human beings are not become mum if you give them temptation they will not accept because not a single human can’t live without speaking ; human’s
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