How Does Leadership Behavior Affect Organization Performance?

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How does Leadership behaviour affect organization performance? Contents • Introduction • What is Leadership? i) Leadership Defined ii) Leadership Described • Different Styles of Leadership affecting performance i) Transformational Leadership ii) Autocratic Leadership iii) Democratic Leadership iv) Laissez-Faire • Summary and Conclusion • References Introduction Leadership could be the most valued commodity in business. People are becoming more captivated by the idea of leadership every day and how they continue to themselves and everyone else on what makes them a good leader. An individual may seek more information about leadership and how effective it can be among groups. The reason as to why people are…show more content…
Defining Leadership To define leadership as a process, it can mean that leadership may not be a trait or characteristic that resides in a leader, but rather it is more of a transactional event that occurs between the leader and the followers. This process affects both the leader and the followers. It does also say that leadership is not a linear one-way process but involves the whole team to interact with the leader and work together as one. In addition, some researchers define leadership in terms of power. The power relationship that exists between the leader and followers. From this point of view, it’s said that leaders have the power to captivate and wield an effect to change others. It is a transformational process that makes followers to accomplish more than what is expected. Finally, other scholars believe that leadership could be skill motivated or seen from a skill perspective. This can be defined on how followers can be using the capabilities (knowledge and skills) from the leader to make effective leadership. Leadership is very influential. Without any influence there is no leadership. It concerns the leader’s influence on the followers and how it affects them. Influencing a group of people who have a common purpose is leadership. It could be a small task which involves a small group or a community group, a large group, or an entire organisation. It is all about how a leader influences the group members to accomplish a set goal or
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