How Does Lennie Change In Of Mice And Men

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In The Story Of Mice and Men Lennie was one of the main characters. In the story Hills the least idea back to his stable characteristics that did not change. simply throughout the whole story, he just wanted to show Soft things. Lennie only follows directions given by George. he has the physical strength of a bodybuilder but a mind of a five-year-old. Every chapter, Steinbeck continues to confirm these ideas. People just see Lennie as a person to pity. He never did anything good that seemed tell help George and anyway. most of the time he was just a burden. he constantly drove them into dangerous that could not be helped. even though his intentions were good, this did not help them in any way. Who was also in character the people adored. He constantly made…show more content…
people now complain about his smell and his worthlessness. candy has been trying to keep the dog alive as long as a kid. Carlson believes that did she kill the dog to end his misery. I see candies dog as a foreshadowing of something happening in the future. it seems to be a harsh reminder a fate that awaits anyone who outlived his usefulness. this society today believe that everyone should be able to help construct this community. Steinbeck believed that it was a kind of a utopian area during this time. if you did not do your job, you seem to have been killed. Candy has been really focused on his few years until George and Lennie come in discussing the dreams. Men describe lands that cannot be imaginable by these type of people. the people that have a dream in order to have power. when Lennie kills Curley's wife comma candy was the one who stuck up for George. He believed that George was a friend through thick and thin. now, let's talk about George. George was a very small but very witty man. he was the one who was oversee everything that Lennie did. George was kind of like a babysitter who was trying to find ways it or to contain his power. George was also very social. I
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