How Does Lgbt Culture Fall In Our Society Today And At

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How does LGBT culture fall in our society today and at the period of pre colonial times? Before that what is LGBT culture? LGBT culture or gay culture consisted of Lesbians, Bisexual, homosexuals, and Transgender to name a few of them. One social issue about LGBT is that we don’t even know what to call them because there are allot of different representation on what kind of LGBT’s are they. In the Philippines we classify them as tomboy, bakla and etc. Another social issue is about legalizing same sex marriage in the Philippines. Countries like the Netherlands, Colombia, and other countries that legalize same sex marriage. Sure this is from opinions of other countries about legalizing this issue that’s the reason why some countries think…show more content…
When he realize that the woman that he was with was actually gay he murdered the transgender out of hate. This incident about the LGBT’s were reported killed in Asia was not the first and the definitely not the last. The article said that 28 persons were killed because of their sexual identities in 2011.That’s why our government is implementing anti-discrimination law in the Philippines. LGBT’s were new in our community actually they existed long before the Spaniards came and colonize the Philippines. In the Pre-colonialPhilippines there were reports that Gays where living in that period of time. There was a term called binabae in that time period which means womanish man,and they were also called bayoguin, bayok, agi-ngin, asog, and bido. The bayoguins played a huge part in the society in that period because they were classified as babaylans or priestess. All though babaylans where generally for womens, they found that men in that period would crossdress to act and look more like the other gender so that they could be a babaylan. Even a few of the deities in that time were transgender like the deity of fertility of the fields and crops “Lakapti” and was the most respected and worshiped. In that time bayoguins could go back from being strait men if they wishes to marry the datu’s daughter and fight alongside other warriors. Same sex marriage wasn’t allowed in the pre-colonial times because the male crossdresser/gendercrosser couldn’t have kids.
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