How Does Libby's Dad Made The Stronger Argument

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Libbys Dad made the stronger argument. He made the stronger argument because Libby should have already started her project. She must deal with the fact that she didn't try her best to start it as soon as she could. For example, Libby's Dad says, ´´Failure is a part of life.´´ He wants her to learn her lesson. Someday in college Libby won't have a parent to help her do a project that she didn't do because she was simply lazy. This proves that Libby's Dad wants her to succeed. He cares about her learning the lesson and getting the job done when it matters. He also says, ´´Learning to cope with the idea that failure happens to everyone is key because it will help you with your future far more than playing in the championship would.´´ What he is
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