How Does Macbeth’s Character Change from Act 2 Scene 2 to Act 5 Scenes 3 and 5?

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How does Macbeth’s character change from Act 2 Scene 2 to Act 5 Scenes 3 and 5?

The tragic masterpiece “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare, starts with the evil curse of three witches. Act 1 Scene 1 introduces the audience to the witches, showing them what malevolence they are capable of, and how then plan to deceive Macbeth, in fact the scene is the crafting of the trick they plot for him. Once the witches decide when they shall meet and when the act finishes with a chorused three lines, creating mystery before exiting the stage. Making a statement, Lady Macbeth enters with the next act boldly; her manner shows her obvious confidence in the plot (to murder Duncan) she developed, perhaps mistakably. She describes the night in which the
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It is not only Macbeth’s transitions but his wife’s too which makes the play so enthralling, unique and most importantly unforgettable. The transitions are not what you would expect from the title Macbeth and his wife later hold- King and Queen Macbeth of Scotland.

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth behave extremely differently in Act 5 Scene 3 to Act 2 Scene 2. Macbeth is suddenly a commanding and courageous King and fighter while the once authoritative Lady Macbeth suffers an incredible guilt, not only of the core responsibility of Duncans death but she is also partly responsible for Macbeth’s terrible turn for the worst. Macbeths alteration undoubtedly turned him into a power hungry man who has no fear of anything or one, the explanation for his tremendous self-belief is the prophecy. The witches’ prophecy describes that “no man born of woman will defeat Macbeth” and that it would take the trees of the wood would to destroy his castle. This extract from Act 5 Scene 3 (before the battle) shows how greatly Macbeth relys on the prophecies for security.
“What’s the boy Malcolm? Was he not born of woman? The spirits that know all mortal consequences have pronounced me thus: “fear not, Macbeth; no man that’s born of woman shall e’er have power upon thee.” This quote proves that Macbeth is not afraid of the battles outcomes because he really trusts that he is invincible.
Macbeth’s behaviour worsens as he became angered at a blameless servant, insulting and
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