How Does Market Segmentation Differ From Target Marketing?

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1. How does market segmentation differ from target marketing?
Market segmentation is the first step marketers take in order to design a customer-driven marketing strategy. This steps consist of dividing the market taking into account different criteria to do it. In other words, marketers have to consider characteristics and the different needs that customer might have. This step helps marketers to determine what products buyers might require. After doing this, once marketers have all the information they need about the different segments of the market, they decide what segment to enter by evaluating all of the segments they identified in the previous step; this is the Market Targeting Step. In conclusion, in market segmentation we just divide the market, while in target marketing we evaluate those segments.
2. How can marketers use behavioral segmentation in consumer markets? Discuss, using an example for each method of behavioral segmentation.
• the first group in which the market is divided using this criterion is Occasion: even though companies promote usage of products all the time, using this factor companies advertise its product “when [buyers] get the idea to buy] .For example, stores that sell cloth promote summer clothing when it is actually summer!
• Benefits Sought: this type of segmentation looks at the different benefits buyer are looking for. The best example is Colgate: the offer different products whitening toothpaste and toothpaste for customers who have
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